Office Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is one of the first aspects that people observe when entering a room. Offices may get dirty easier as there are a lot of people moving around busy in their respective tasks and paying the minimum to no attention to their surroundings. Your staff might come to the office with muddy shoes which might compromise the cleanliness of the office carpet or especially during lunchtimes the office is more susceptible to getting dirty.

A clean office gives off a professional look while an unclean office gives a bad impression and also can cause health-related issues for both yourself and your staff. The entrance and conference rooms of the office need to be paid extra attention as your entrance is the first thing your visitors observe and your conference room is the place where important meetings with potential clients are discussed and if they are unclean then it will harm the image of your company. So, we can say that clean office space will represent a better look for the office and a suitable and hygienic working environment for your staff.

What services do we offer?

We understand that regular cleaning of the whole office is a time-intensive job that requires manpower and the office staff that works 9 to 5 jobs don’t have any energy left to spend on office cleaning. That is why you should choose a professional cleaning service.

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services in Singapore which cover almost all your office cleaning needs. These services include:

Dust and stain removal: We remove dust from every corner of your office including desks, chairs, bookshelves, and cabinets. This is done both by using different kinds of brush for sweeping and vacuuming the carpet and the floor of the office. In our cleaning Company, we also remove all kinds of stains and spots from office carpets, walls, and even fabric chairs and sofas.

Window and door cleaning: We offer cleaning and wiping services for your glass windows and doors. Glass surfaces need special care and we ensure that they are crystal clear once we are done with them.

Pantry cleaning: Our cleaning agency facilitates with kitchen cleaning as well. We clean everything whether it be any electronic equipment, sinks, or ovens.

Garbage disposal: We offer regular garbage disposal services so your bins are being emptied regularly.

Toilet cleaning:  Deep and thorough cleaning of toilets are offered with detailed sanitization for the elimination of any germs or bacteria.

Disinfecting and sanitization: We also offer sanitization of office equipment, furniture, and even communication devices.

Why you should choose us?

There are some office cleaning services available in Singapore however here is why you should choose us.

Customer support: Our customer support is available for our customers 24/7. We have a friendly staff that is easy to talk to and is always happy to help so please you can contact us at anytime

Professionally certified staff: Our staff is comprising of skilled and certified professionals to ensure that our cleaning service is the best in the market and our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Emergency service: We pride ourselves on scheduling our services according to the need of the customer. Please contact us at any time and we guarantee to schedule a meeting according to your need.

Natural high-quality products: Our cleaners use only the highest quality and eco-friendly products.

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