Mold Remediation

Mold growth is a serious problem that we all have to face once in our lives. Mold is a type of fungus that can be of different colors and can live both indoors and outdoors. In small amounts, it might be harmless but if it is let to grow the mold spores can lead to respiratory problems. So, it is better to take care of mold growth as soon as possible.

Areas where mold can grow

Areas that have humidity and moisture are more susceptible to mold growth. Especially in Singapore which has a humid climate, it’s growth can get be seen in most places. Normally indoors you can find mold growing in dark and humid corners of rooms like in bathrooms and kitchens. Water leakage due to plumbing problems can lead to a lot of mold growth if left unchecked. It is crucial to fix even the smallest of leaks as soon as possible as it can cause a lot of damage over time.

Why you should hire a professional mold cleaning service?

Removing mold if is at its early stages of growth is fairly easy and can be removed by either using bleach, detergent, or baking powder. But usually, mold growth is identified at a stage where it has already grown to dangerous levels, and removing it yourself can end up causing more harm than good. At this stage, you will need a PPE, respirator masks, professional-grade chemicals, and equipment which are too expensive and not affordable for everyone. Thus, it is always recommended that you hire a professional mold cleaning service as they have the required tools as well as the expertise required for efficient mold inspection and removal.

What services do we offer?

Our company includes professionally licensed cleaners with the expertise to properly inspect and remove the mold to ensure complete mold removal. Our services include:

Detailed mold inspection: We will thoroughly inspect every corner of your home/office for any mold growth. Mold can even grow in air ducts and wall cavities making them hard to find and even harder to take care of later on. It is important to do a detailed inspection beforehand to make sure that mold growth in all areas is removed.

Containment and removal: Before removing the mold, it is essential to containing it so during cleaning mold spores stay closed off in one area and do not contaminate any other rooms. Once the area with mold growth is sealed, our cleaners will then start the mold cleaning process based on the assessment done during the inspection process. Mold growth in different areas has to be treated differently. Some areas might be cleaned off with some scrubbing and vacuuming but some areas might require the use of chemicals.

Filtration and disposal: During mold cleaning air filtration is important to ensure that mold spores do not accumulate in a single place and are safely filtered out of the room without contaminating any other area. After all the mold removal process is completed, we will safely dispose of all the removed mold leaving behind a clean and mold-free room.

Why choose us?

Customer care: Listening to and taking care of our customer’s needs is our top priority. Our customer staff is very friendly and easy to talk to so please call us for mold removal in Singapore at any time and our staff will be happy to help.

Eco-friendly products: The chemicals we use are industry approved and are environmentally safe. Please be assured that keeping the environment safe and clean is an important part of our company policy.

Service cost: Our mold removal cost is affordable and has been set so anyone in need of mold removal services can afford them. Feel free to contact us and hopefully we can come up with a perfect package for you.

Experienced and licensed staff: Our staff consists of trained and licensed professionals. Our mold specialists are experienced professionals who are trained in taking care of all kinds of mold remediation problems to ensure that customers job is done with satisfaction.

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