Disinfection Cleaning Service

Making your premises clean is of high importance. Cleaning does not get rid of all kinds of germs & viruses, especially during this global pandemic; germs and viruses carry even more health risks now than they ever have. So, it is of high importance to properly disinfect your house and office to make sure that you and the people around you are safe and healthy.

Why you need professional disinfection services?

Disinfecting your places by yourself is not always possible because, if you use improper disinfection, then that might end up leading to more harm than good. So, it is better to hire a professional disinfection service as they have a wide variety of tools and chemicals to ensure proper sanitization and disinfection of your premises. The tools available to them can cover a wide area in a short time, and the disinfection materials they use are industry approved to make sure they are not harmful to health. A home disinfection service consisting of experienced professionals will be able to disinfect much faster and efficiently than if you do the disinfection process yourself.

What services do we offer?

Our professional house sanitizing services and disinfection services for both your home and office, 99.99% elimination of all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are guaranteed using an anti-microbial and ultra-violet germicidal treatment.

Our Office disinfection services in Singapore also include:

Our team will thoroughly check before and after disinfecting to ensure that your building for proper disinfection with Fog disinfectant solution into the air.

We wipe down all surfaces that are more exposed to touch with alcohol.

The disinfectant solution is Bio-fogged into the fixtures, ceiling, and walls.

We use Hospital-Grade, best disinfectant solution registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency because it covers a wide range area and effectively disinfects any service that might have been infected

We dispose of any biohazard chemical waste if needed

We ensure the elimination of any viruses by using Ozone, which is a non-chemical solution using targeted CT levels

We provide you with a complete detailed report about the disinfection service.

We serve disinfection cleaning in Singapore for the following:

Commercial Properties
Residential Premises

Why Choose us?

Eco-friendly products: The products that we use are high-quality and are industry approved. The products we use will not result in any health risks as they are safe for pets and people of all age groups.

Industry-grade equipment: Our equipment and tools are all industry-grade products and go through regular maintenance to ensure the disinfection in minimum time with maximum efficiency.

Fast and reliable service: Our disinfection company service is very time flexible and fast. Our customer service staff is available at all times So, you can call us anytime. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Professional licensed staff: Our staff includes only licensed professionals with high experience in this line of work. They go through thorough background checks and regular training seminars to ensure their skill set is up to date.

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