Aircon Service, Cleaning and Maintenance

Air Conditioners serve an important part in our daily lives. They have several uses which include maintaining room temperature, keeping electronic appliances cool, and improving the overall air quality of the room. Air conditioners help in lowering the overall temperature of the room and hence keep you comfortable and keep your electronic appliances safe for use. 

Importance of aircon cleaning and maintenance

Like all kinds of equipment, air conditioners also need regular cleaning and maintenance especially if they are used frequently. Failure to clean your air conditioner can lead to many problems which can include unclean filters which can lead to health problems, more power consumption, increased cost, and overall, less air circulation. It is recommended that you hire the best aircon servicing in Singapore, as any damage to the AC unit while self-maintenance can end up costing you much more than a professional aircon cleaning service would have.

What services do we offer?

We offer all kinds of services related to Air Conditioner units. These services include:

Aircon installation: We offer professional installation of air condition units. The initial installation of your Air conditioning unit is very important as it determines how efficiently it will cool and filter the air passing through its filters.

Aircon repair: Like most electronic appliances, air conditioning units also need repairs from time to time. We offer all kinds of professional repairs no matter how simple or complex they may be, our professional repairmen are always ready for the job.

Part replacement: Every part has a fixed usage life after they are not able to work properly and hence their replacement is necessary. We offer all kinds of high quality and genuine replacement projects which will be replaced by experienced professionals.

We also offer all kinds of aircon maintenance services which include:

Standard aircon servicing: In this service we offer cleaning and disinfection of air filters, removing any fungi from the water tray and cleaning the fan blower by brushing and vacuuming any dirt stuck in it.

Aircon chemical cleaning: In this service, we use safe and high-quality chemicals to clean out air filters, fans, and cooling coils and also disinfect and remove any kind of odor as well.

Chemical overhaul: In this service, the entire air conditioning unit is taken apart and each part is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that everything is completed unclogged, disinfected, has no dust or algae, and most importantly the unit has to leakage problems that might cause problems in the future.

Gas topping: Quite often your aircon might seem well is not able to properly cool the room. This might be an issue caused by leakage of gas. In our gas top-up service, we offer to check for any possible gas leakage areas and seal them up properly once found to make sure your aircon is cooling efficiently.

Why should you choose our service?

Fast and reliable service: Our service is very time flexible and fast. Our office hours are 8 am to 10 pm daily, you can call us anytime and we will be available. Your satisfaction is a very important thing for us so rest assured all your needs will be met.
Professional licensed staff: Our staff includes only licensed professionals who are experienced in this line of work.
Warranty: We offer a warranty for all aircon cleaning, repair or maintenance services. We also offer to follow up service to ensure that there are no complaints.
Supported brands: Our aircon cleaning company services aircon units of brands such as Haier, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, and many others. Please contact us for any further questions.

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