Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts of heating and cooling systems are essential components for maintaining the required temperature and good air quality in the building. Air duct cleaning is important because if not cleaned properly it can lead to poor indoor air quality and can also lead to some functionality of Air Units to not work properly. Air ducts need to maintained for them to not get filled up with contaminants like debris or dust particles. Long term exposure to moisture can also result in the growth of mold. This mold builds up if not controlled on time can lead to health risks such as respiratory problems such as asthma and possibly sick building syndrome.

Dirty air ducts can also lead to the AC having to work overtime causing it to overheat and also the extra consumption of electricity.

Why you should hire a professional air duct cleaning service?

Air duct cleaning is very tedious work and it should be left for professionals to take care of. Proper inspection is important before one can start the cleaning process. In the case of air ducts contaminants can get stuck with the walls of the ducts and if exposed to moisture can also lead to mold growth. Professional air duct cleaning services inspect your air ducts thoroughly before they start cleaning and can also identify if there is any mold growth in the air ducts.

What services do we offer?

We offer only the best professional duct cleaning services in Singapore with the affordable duct cleaning cost and our services include:

Detailed inspection: The first thing we do is that we thoroughly inspect your air ducts to make sure that what kind of services will be required. Contaminants can be anything such as dust particles, debris, mold, or even dead insects, so clear identification and evaluation of contaminants, their location, and their level of growth are essential before cleaning. This is important so we can figure out the best course of action to efficiently complete the cleaning process.

Laboratory Testing: The detailed findings obtained during the inspection will be analyzed and in case of any mold or unidentified substance is found, it will be tested in a laboratory to identify it.

Cleaning: The process of air duct cleaning involves the service of multiple components that are cleaned carefully to ensure no component is damaged in any way. The grills, vents, coils, fan motors, and housing, return ducts are all cleaned and after all, contaminants are removed, the waste is disposed of off leaving no residue behind. Afterward, the ducts are sprayed with chemicals to kill any unseen contaminants.

Why choose us?

Industry-grade equipment: Our equipment and tools are all industry-grade products and go through regular maintenance to ensure that the job is completed in minimum time with maximum efficiency.

Fast and reliable service: Our service is very time flexible and fast. Our customer service staff is available at all times so you can call us anytime and we will be available. Your satisfaction is very important to us so rest assured all your needs will be met.

Professional staff: Our staff includes only experienced professionals who have a significant amount of experience in this line of work. They go through thorough background checks and giving regular training seminars to ensure their skill set is up to date.

Availability: Our customer service is available at all times so please call our ac cleaning services anytime and we would love to help you at any time of the day.

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