Despite you have a lot of new flooring options from tiles, wood, bamboo, cork, and stone carpeting is still used and popular. Every second home and office in Singapore have carpets on floors. Carpeting industry has a big share in flooring products. The reason people like carpeting on floors is that of less maintenance work and aftercare than many other flooring options.

If you clean your carpets frequently and keep doing deep scrubbing time to time, that is all it needs to keep them clean. But sooner or later the day will come when you will see your carpets dirty with whatever your shoes bring in and splashes, spills, and messy accidents.

To learn the tips on how to keep your carpets clean as long as you want to read this professional guide for carpet cleaning tips by HVAC Engineering cleaning company. Learn these simple tricks to keep your carpets clean.

Removing Stains – Blotting:

When because of an accident your carpet gets stain and spills you must stop yourself from starting to scrub. Yes, scrubbing will only increase the problem as it will only drive spills and stains down into the home or office carpet. Instead, use cleaning cloth or towels with cleaning solution on them and only dab the area of stains. Use sponge to dab.

The key to getting rid of stains is Blotting. By putting a small pressure, you can simply soak the stain. Rubbing will get the stain particles down into the fiber and that will damage the carpet permanently.

To stop spreading of the always start soaking it up from outside towards the center of the stain.

Club Soda process for removing stains:

You can also use the club soda for removing stains you might have already heard of it. Use the club soda on a cleaning cloth and blot the stain. If you see a clear difference in before and after situation and the stains looks lighter, repeat the process.

If it does not work use a 1-1 ratio of water with white vinegar, fill a handled spray bottle and spray on the stain or spill area. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that start the blotting process and soak the mixture with the diluted stain. Use a dry sponge for soaking process. Repeat the process until stain is completely gone.

Fix the carpet strands after the stain is gone. Rinse the area of stain after cleaning with warm water. Soak the moisture after that by busing a clean and dry towel.

Removing Gums with ice:

A scenario for you to understand the situation, you walked over a chewing gum and without realizing you come home and in office. Until you realize what had happened the gum is now on the house or office carpeting. The trick to remove gum is in your freezer.

Use ice and from the freezer, take ice cubes and press them on to the area where the gum is attached for 50 seconds. When the gum is hardened use a spoon to pick up the gum and cut the carpet strands attached to it as close to the gum as possible. If the cut is close to the gum. The spot is almost undetectable.


There are many types of stains and problems that can damage your carpets, but there is a solution to every problem if something bad happens and you want the professionals to handle the process reach out to HVAC engineering cleaning services. Our professionals will help you clean your carpets. Make sure to check out our other cleaning services too.