About HVAC

We are Singapore’s top specialist cleaning company, delivering professional sanitizing solutions. We aim to protect people from the harmful influence of poor hygiene standards. By providing an extensive choice of high-quality services tailored to our customers, we ensure a high level of hygiene and help in eliminating any hazardous situations without risk to human health.

We offer a wide range of specialist cleaning services comprising commercial kitchens, schools, and hospitals, industries. We drain maintenance also.

We thrive hard to deliver consistent and effective service. We ensure your peace of mind, which allows you to get on with running your business without the concern of poor hygiene affecting your reputation.

We are a small-sized, multi-disciplined professional cleaning company specializing in Mold Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, General Office Cleaning, Aircon Cleaning, Painting services, and Disinfection services., We provide consultation on cleaning services on residential, commercial office buildings, hospitals hotels, and many more.

We have rich experience while solving the most complex technical problems. We offer valuable money-saving packages and maintenance contracts.  Please call for additional details.


Our Goal (Our Mission)

Our company provides a full spectrum of work on all levels of complexity. We have a team of Cleaning Experts, Aircon Technicians, Mold specialists and best painters with more than three years of experience in the industry. We have rich expertise in solving the most complex technical problems.

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To get a free quote, send us an email to sales@hvac.com.sg or call 6246 1107 we will get in touch with you shortly!